More than legal research.

GEN is for summarization.drafting.translation.research.doc analysis.eligibility.

Main Features

In GEN, we have four feature sets we call 'modes.' These highlight the most important components of GEN's AI capabilities.

Legal Research

So much more than general research, GEN's rich dataset allows users to run a variety of automations and queries.

Document Q&A

A firm or user can upload files to a private library to ask queries or analyze.


A secure and lawyer-centric chat interface with a most-current LLM.


Robust summarization of documents of any language or size.

Word-for-word translation (soon)

Word-for-word correction or translation of documents.


Product Highlights

Unique Content

Powered by the most critical laws, publications, articles, and resources on U.S. Immigration.

Powerful AI

Built on OpenAI’s GPT-4 and customized for law firms.

No Retention API

Rest assured, OpenAI cannot view or use any of our users' data for training purposes.

User Managed Data

Users control their own data and can delete or modify it at any time from within their Gen document library.

Ease of Use

A user experience designed with lawyers in mind, demystifying AI technologies for practitioners.

Team Management

Effortlessly add and manage team members. Also, customizable permissions for viewing and collaboration.



🚀 2024 AILA AC Discount: Claim access to GEN for $180

Premium Plan

Per user/month if billed annually


Legal research, summarization, and PrivateGPT

Complete immigration law library

Document Q&A

*Introductory pricing subject to change

Enterprise plan

Per user/month if billed annually


All premium features

Dedicated support

Specialized onboarding



"GEN is a game-changer and has already impacted my practice significantly, as I am sure it has many others. It is invaluable."

Amie Miller

Law Office of Amie Miller

"GEN is designed to transform how immigration lawyers access and utilize legal information,...this exciting collaboration is an example of AILA’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology to its members.”

Farshad Owji

President, American Immigration Lawyers Association

"This AI is my new favorite associate in my law office and will become a constant consult companion!"

Jared Jaskot


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