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What is Visalaw.Ai?

Discover the vision for Visalaw.Ai, a cutting-edge AI software platform for immigration lawyers.

2023-06-13Josh Waddell

What is GEN?

Learn more about Visalaw.Ai’s flagship offering, GEN.

2023-09-25Josh Sinnott

Where does GEN’s Knowledge come from?

GEN's knowledge base is built upon a vast and diverse dataset from many reputable and authoritative sources.

2023-09-28Josh Sinnott

Understanding Generative AI

Understanding Generative AI

2023-09-28Josh Sinnott

Ten Quick Tips to Mastering AI Prompt Organization

2023-09-28Josh Sinnott

GEN 1.0: Laying the Foundation for a New Era in Immigration Law with AI

As GEN 1.0 embarks on its growth journey, early adopters gain the unique advantage of shaping and benefiting from a pioneering legal technology platform.

2024-01-13Josh Waddell

Press Release: Visalaw.Ai Launches GEN 1.0

Visalaw.Ai, a pioneering technology firm in the legal sector, is excited to announce the launch of GEN 1.0, an innovative legal research product specifically tailored to immigration law firms, built on American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) content.

2024-01-16Josh Waddell

The Waitlist Is Over: You’re In! Plus A New Advocacy Library

Early March marked a busy period for content updates at Visalaw.Ai.

2024-03-15Gabby Bachhuber

GEN now available for free to Immigration Clinics and Law Students through collaboration with Siskind Susser P.C.

In a milestone collaboration, and Siskind Susser PC are thrilled to announce a collaboration that provides free GEN access to immigration clinics and law students.

2024-04-29Josh Waddell

Updates on's Use of GPT-4o

Learn more about how we plan to leverage GPT-4o in GEN.

2024-06-07Josh Waddell

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