A new approach to immigration case management.

A computer screen with the Visalaw.AI login page opened.

Smart Intake

Responsive intake designed to make the process simple and efficient for clients. We have created customized intakes for most immigration processes.


Our intakes automatically autofill the forms you need. Automatically link certain forms to a specific case type and expect the forms to autofill when the intake is completed.

Firm Database

Think of our tool as a fine-tuned database, able to quickly recall client information and reveal important insight, reminders, and timelines.

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Stand-Alone vs. Plug-In

We have two configurations: stand-alone forms automation or case management plug-in.


We chose Clio as our first, general case management system partner, but plan to continue to add other general systems for firms of various sizes and needs.

A New Type of Integration

We have such a robust integration with Clio, that you will never even need to leave your Clio dashboard to send intake, build forms, and add them to your document repository. We utilize a series of custom actions within Clio and customized our database to work well with other systems.

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