Client Portals is happy to announce the arrival of our new updated client portal capabilities. The new portal allows for secure data storage and linking, 24-hour access, and a customized experience like never before. will continue to build out these resources


The new client portal database structure allows tools and applications to actively access and store data in a centralized manner.

24/7 Access

Unlike the office hours at a law firm or organization, the portal is available all day every day. The tools you need to provide insight on immigration matters are just a click away.


With over 10+ offerings, the client portal allows for advanced customization to suit the needs of any firm or organization.

App Listings

See below for a full listing of available applications and tools through

Effieciency and Cost-Savings will continue to build out tools for law firms and companies as it relates to immigration processes. We will also continue to build out integrations and partnerships that will make our products both efficient and cost-sensitive.

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