How it Works:


What is it?

VisaPortal is a software platform build for immigration compliance and guidance .

Various apps assist law firms, companies, and universities with immigration workflows. These apps can be bundled together or purchased separately.

VisaPortal Apps

See current product offerings below

Public Access File Manager

Automate and Manage the Public Access Files for your company or law firm.

STEM OPT Assistant

Generate I-983 training plans, screen eligibility, and manage all data and a centralized portal.

I-9 Manager (private beta)

Complete, store, and audit I-9s in a centralized portal experience.

Public Access Files

If you are a company or law firm that handles H-1B visa workers or clients, you certainly are familiar with this process. Case management systems and others claim to streamline the process. But our system offers start-to-finish automation and Public Access File management.

The Public Access File Manager automates the e-posting, document assembly, and file storage and retention in a compliant and completely managed portal.

No more paper and no more non-compliance!


If you are a company or student looking to complete the I-983 training, look no further!

Beginning with an eligibility check for the student and employer, the STEM OPT Assistant walks through the entire process of completing the I-983 and reviewing/signing it.

The process can be initiated by the student or the employer. Universities can offer this service as a benefit to students and be kept in the loop with notification emails.

VisaLaw Bot

The bot built exclusively for automating immigration law

Customizable home screen, with custom cards, FAQs, and intake flows.

Immigration-specific intake flows are available out-of-the-box. These are updated by our immigration expert partners.

Built-in integrations and features include automated appointment scheduling, e-payment, and lead tracking.

Bot Builder

The bot builder provides a new level of customization. It allows the user to add a new bot flow or edit logic or questions in existing flows.

Complex logic flows?

No problem, our bot flows are relational and can be connected to each other with accompanied conditional logic. Happy building!


Seamlessly book client appointments within the bot interface. Integrations abound.

Smart Intake

Pre-built immigration intake flows built and maintained by immigration attorneys

Lead Capture

Capture drop-offs and new leads. Send directly to your CMS or CRM platform.

Attorney Report

Advanced transcript and report for attorneys to streamline and improve client onboarding.

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