Manage your law firm's intake flows, any way you like.

Bot Builder

The bot builder provides for endless customization. Users can add new bot flows or edit logic in existing flows.

Complex logic flows?

No problem, our bot flows are relational and can be connected to each other with accompanied conditional logic. Happy building!

Integrate with what you know.

Custom widget

Build a custom bot widget for your law firm, accessible via embeddable code or a unique URL link.

Custom home screen, action cards, FAQs, and intake flows.

Immigration-specific intake flows, available out-of-the-box.

Additional Features


Seamlessly book client appointments within the bot interface. Integrations abound.

Smart Intake

Pre-built immigration intake flows built and maintained by immigration attorneys

Lead Capture

Capture drop-offs and new leads. Send directly to your CMS or CRM platform.

Attorney Report

Advanced transcript and report for attorneys to streamline and improve client onboarding.

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